Adherence to technological innovation

Establishing national-level R&D centers in Shangrao, Chuzhou, and Huai'an, we've constructed cutting-edge research platforms at the forefront of the industry. Engaging actively in R&D for TOPCon,TBC, and perovskite tandem technology, we continuously enhance the competitiveness of our products. 🌻

Comprising a top-tier R&D team primarily led by Ph.D. and Master's professionals, we bring a wealth of experience and profound expertise to the forefront of innovation. With the dedicated efforts of over 1,000 engineering and technical employees, we've triumphantly secured 136 national patents, with an additional 73 patents in the application pipeline. 🥇 🌞

Focusing on solar energy, leading the energy revolution. We are committed to forging a world-class photovoltaic technology company!