N-type TOPCon Large-size Cells (18/19X)

Delighted to unveil our groundbreaking achievements as the pioneer of N-type solar cells! 😁
Incorporating 9 cutting-edge N-type TOPCon large-size cells, spanning dimensions like 182, 183, 191, and 199mm, we're redefining industry benchmarks in cost, efficiency, and yield. Take the standard 182*72 module as an example, the power range reaches 585W-595W, surpassing industry averages by 5-10W and outperforming mainstream P-type modules by over 30W. 🌲
Our customer-centric approach remains at the core, providing tailored products to meet diverse needs. Empowering clients and shaping the global brand "JTN" – we redefine solar excellence. 🙌