2023 JTPV Year-End Summary

🚀 Riding the final waves of 2023 and gearing up for a fresh start in 2024, we're thrilled to share our accomplishments and milestones here!

🌟 Technological Breakthrough:
Embracing innovation, we integrated five cutting-edge technologies—LPCVD, J-SE, J-SE+, J-Rpoly, and J-STF. On this basis, our "MoNo 1" TOPCon boasts an impressive 732mV+ open-circuit voltage and an efficiency of 26%.

🏭 Capacity Leadership:
Q1 2023 marked our global N-type cell dominance, securing the top spot in worldwide shipments! N-type capacity soared to over 40GW, commanding a whopping 80%+ of our production.

🌎 International Market Expansion: Overseas sales share witnessed a significant breakthrough from 0% to 4.66%.

🏆 Brand Building: Introducing our new cell brand "JTN," marking a fresh beginning as we step into 2024.

🌿Social Responsibility: Certified "Carbon Footprint," "SA8000" and recognized as a "National Green Factory."

With the year of 2024 approaching, we sincerely extend our gratitude for your precious collaboration and trust. Wishing you a prosperous, successful, and joy-filled year ahead in every aspect of your life! Let's unite for a green, sustainable future! 🌿🌐