JTPV "MoNo1" series meets diversified customer needs

At the core of our strategy is a commitment to meeting diverse customer needs by offering a comprehensive range of solar cell sizes. While ensuring a consistent supply of square cells in 182*182mm and 210*210mm dimensions, we've achieved significant milestones with the large-scale production of 210R (210*182mm) rectangular cells. 🥂
Presenting our latest innovation – the 'MoNo 1' series, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge N-type technology.
This groundbreaking product empowers 210R+N-type modules to achieve a remarkable 600W in power, while the 210+N-type large-format modules soar beyond 700W. 🚀
It's not just a technological advancement; it's a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar energy! 🌻