Conference Update|JTPV at 19th China SoG Silicon and PV Power Conference

On 2-4 November 2023, the "19th China SoG Silicon and PV Power Conference (CSPV)" was held in Xi'an, Shanxi Province. At the meeting, Song Yixiao, Senior Director of JTPV's R&D Center, gave a speech on our new-generation TOPCon technology.

Technology route: We have chosen the LPCVD route with higher efficiency;

Cost reduction: We have taken the lead in R&D and mass production of LPCVD double insertion, becoming the first company in the industry to fully introduce LP double insertion;

Efficiency improvement: We have developed the first- and second-generation J-SE technology, leading the mass production of TOPCon cells to enter the Voc730mV era.

Up to now, our highest efficiency in the laboratory has reached 26.2%, and it is expected that by the end of 2023, the mass production efficiency will exceed 25.8%!