DATANG's 5GW Collective Bidding Project Requires Full N-Type Products!

On October 17th, China Datang Corporation issued an important announcement, announcing that its 2023-2024 5GW photovoltaic centralized procurement bidding project requires all N-type products, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry.

With strong market demand, N-type products have performed well in domestic PV bidding and tendering and are highly favored by central state-owned enterprises. Except for Datang, in the 2023 8.95GW photovoltaic module centralized procurement bidding of China Huadian Corporation, the N-type configuration was 7.45GW, accounting for 83.2%, far exceeding the P-type product. In the 10GW centralized procurement bidding project of China Energy Investment, the N-type total scale is 7GW, accounting for 70%, which is a significant increase compared to last year. It clarifies that the PV market has entered the era of N-type mass production, and N-type TOPCon technology is accelerating to replace P-type technology as the mainstream technology of the next generation of PV cells.