Journey To Next|The World Premiere of JTPV's New Generation of N-type "MoNo" Series Cells!

On November 16th, JTPV successfully hosted the "Journey to Next" new product launch event in Nanjing. As "The Pioneer of N-type Solar Cell", the company unveiled the "MoNo" series N-type high-efficiency solar cell products, showcasing its formidable strength in TOPCon research and development. General Manager Zhang Manliang announced that JTPV has achieved a pioneering large-scale production of N-type TOPCon solar cells, leading the industry in scale and yield.

The new "MoNo" series integrates cutting-edge technologies, positioning its performance at the forefront of the industry. Supporting various sizes, the product boasts advantages such as high conversion efficiency, power output, and reliability, setting a new technical benchmark in the N-type solar cell field. The launch event also featured specialized presentations and roundtable discussions within the photovoltaic industry, delving into topics such as industry trends, technological advancements, and the development direction of the solar energy supply chain.

Looking ahead, JTPV is committed to continuing its leadership in the solar revolution through technological innovation, contributing to the establishment of a more robust and sustainable green future.