Congratulations to JTPV for Winning the "2023 Ultra High-Efficiency PV Cell Award "!

"OFweek 2023 (14th) Solar Photovoltaic Industry Conference and Annual Award Ceremony", hosted by OFweek, was held on 28 August 2023 in Shenzhen. The conference aimed to advocate the concept of green and low-carbon, and create a zero-carbon future together. As " The Pioneer of N-type Solar Cell ", JTPV won the "2023 Ultra High-Efficiency PV Cell Award " at the "OFweek 2023 (9th) Solar Photovoltaic Industry Annual Selection " in the afternoon. The award not only recognized JTPV's innovative research, development speed, and technology production level in the industry but also enhanced the company's confidence in key technological solutions, applications, and other aspects in the future.