CCTV Report|JTPV Focuses on N-type Cell Development

On August 12, CCTV-13 news channel's " MORNING NEWS " programme broadcasted a series of reports on the photovoltaic industry. As "The Pioneer of N-type Solar Cell", JTPV was highlighted. According to the report, JTPV insists on scientific and technological innovation, adopts the world's leading automated production line and the whole-process intelligent industrial safety control platform, continuously improves product yield and production efficiency, leading the industry in the speed of N-type TOPCon cell production. So far, JTPV has a total of 9.5GW P-type PERC capacity in Shangrao base, 18GW N-type TOPCon capacity in Chuzhou base, and 26GW N-type TOPCon capacity in Huai'an base. The cumulative scale has reached 53.5GW, including 44GW of N-type capacity.