Strength recognition! JTPV was included in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2022 TOP 10 list of battery production

Recently, Bloomberg New Energy Finance announced the TOP 10 list of photovoltaic cell production in 2022 (including specialized and integrated manufacturers), and JTPV was selected with a strong growth trend and returned to the top ten.


Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is one of the most trusted third-party research institutions in the global new energy market. As the professional research arm of Bloomberg, a leading provider of global business, financial and financial information, BNEF regularly publishes professional analysis reports in the field of renewable energy.


According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) statistics, cell production in 2022 is estimated to be about 361GW, a significant increase from 216GW in 2021. Half of the top 10 cell manufacturers by volume are specialist cell suppliers.


Founded in 2008, JTPV has been deeply engaged in the cell industry for more than ten years, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of high-efficiency solar cells. Cell is the photovoltaic industry chain in the technical, financial barriers are high links, in recent years, JTPV closely follow the industry technological progress trend, maintain the development of new technology reserves and industrialization progress tracking. In 2022, JTPV was selected for the list with 10.72GW of production, highlighting the recognition of Jettech by users in the global market.


As the leader of N-type cell, JTPV actively layout N-type TOPCon cell technology, compared with P-type single crystal cell, N-type TOPCon cell generally has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, high double-sided rate, low temperature coefficient, no light decay, low light effect, longer carrier life and so on. In September 2022, JTPV was the first to achieve large-scale production of N-type TOPCon cells, and continues to use its technological leadership to expand new capacity.


Up to now, the company has a total of 9.5GW P-type PERC production capacity in Shangrao Base, 18GW N-type TOPCon production capacity in Chuzhou base, and 26GW N-type TOPCon production capacity in Huaian base (13GW has been put into production in the first phase, 13GW is expected to achieve full production in 2023). By the end of 2023, the company's production capacity will reach 53.5GW, and N-type production capacity will reach 44GW. In the process of upgrading PV cells from P-type to N-type, the company is expected to continue to enjoy N-type technology dividends and gain a leading competitive position in the market with the advantage of leading technology and capacity scale.



2023 is a key year to achieve the dual carbon goal, the photovoltaic industry ushered in a huge development opportunity, cell companies need to improve cell production and yield on the basis of leading technology. With patent advantages, technical research achievements, management experience and market channels in the field of cells, JTPV will provide industry partners with more perfect product services and technical support, and explore a more effective path for the mass production of N-type cells.