PVBL2023 list announcement, JTPV listed on the "Global Top 100 photovoltaic brands"!

On May 22, CPC2023 8th Century Photovoltaic Conference and PVBL2023 Top 100 global photovoltaic brands list and "PVBL2023 Global photovoltaic brand Influence Research and Analysis Report" were officially released in Shanghai.


As a new benchmark for N-type batteries, JDA (JTPV) has won the "Top 100 Global photovoltaic Brands" list with its strong technical strength, excellent product quality and strong comprehensive strength in the field of photovoltaic cells.


As the world's only survey ranking activity to evaluate the value of Photovoltaic Brand, the list was jointly launched by Photovoltaic Brand Lab and Century New Energy Network in 2012, and has been successfully released for many years, with strong influence and authority, known as the "global photovoltaic market barometer".


Adhering to the strategic direction of "based on the Asia-Pacific and radiating the world", JTPV has been deeply engaged in the field of high-efficiency cells, focusing on the research and development, efficiency upgrade and sales service of N-type cells. Since 2022, JTPV has seized the huge development opportunities of the N-type cell dividend era and led the technological innovation of N-type cells with mass production and efficient production mode.


This award is the industry's authoritative recognition of JTPV's N-type TOPCon cell and brand strength, showing the superior level of JTPV in innovative research and development, process production, efficiency transformation, and is also the trust and encouragement for JTPV to focus on user value and adhere to the quality of ingenuity.


The next day, the GSS2023 third Global High Efficiency Solar module Technology Seminar, co-sponsored by TUV SUD and Century New Energy Network, was held in the Pudong Hall of Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, focusing on the development direction of high efficiency solar module technology and enterprise technology research results.


The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the development direction of TOPCon and other new generation cell technology, key automation equipment processes, efficient and low-cost preparation materials, etc. More than 100 people came to the scene to exchange, jointly discussed the new ideas of innovation and integration development of efficient cell industry, shared new technological achievements, and discussed new paths for cooperation.


JTPV, as the leader of N-type cell was invited to participate in the conference, and Wenjuan Jiang, senior product manager of JTPV Research and Development Center, delivered a keynote speech at the conference.


Manager Jiang pointed out that driven by efficiency and cost, the mainstream technology of the photovoltaic industry is being upgraded from P-type to N-type iteration, and N-type TOPCon, as a new generation of battery technology, is gradually emerging in the system advantages of conversion efficiency, double-sided rate, and decay rate. At present, JTPV has taken the lead in the large-scale production of N-type TOPCon, and the efficiency and yield have reached the industry leader.


In a race, those who row harder are the first; In the race of a thousand sails, the brave will win. Looking forward to the future, Getai Technology will adhere to the customer-centric, committed to ensuring product reliability, stability and profitability, with efficiency and product quality as the core advantages, promote the photovoltaic industry to continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, continue to deepen green energy, and actively contribute to the global energy transformation.