JTPV appeared at the 8th China International New Energy Conference and Industry Expo

On May 8-10, 2023, the 8th China International New Energy Conference and Industry Expo hosted by SMM was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. With the theme of "Innovation-driven development of low-carbon leading the future", the conference invited important guests from the government, industry, education, research, finance, media and other aspects of the new energy industry to attend, bringing together 20,000 industry insiders, focusing on the industry's cutting-edge trends, the latest business model and case sharing, the latest technological breakthroughs, frontier and hot technology explanation and other topics.


The conference is divided into 10 important special forums, as the global N-type cell leader brand, JTPV was invited to participate in the May 9 "Topic 8 China International Photovoltaic Industry Conference" and delivered a keynote speech.


Photovoltaic industry as the main force of the new energy industry, on the road to promote global energy transformation, "cost reduction, efficiency, technological progress" has become the hottest topic in the industry, at present, the industry is in an important period of cell technology change, in the material side, N-type cells have less impurities, high purity, high life of small number of children, no grain boundary dislocation defects and easy to control the resistivity and other natural advantages. It will gradually replace P-type cells to become the mainstream of future high-efficiency cell technology.


According to TrendForce Jibang consulting report, the total production capacity of cell cells in 2023 will reach about 886GW, an increase of 52.4%, of which N-type cell capacity can reach 338GW, accounting for 39%, and the capacity share is rapidly increasing. It is worth noting that the new capacity of N-type cannot be achieved without TOPCon's credit, and TOPCon has become the fastest N-type technology in 2023, with an annual production capacity of about 249GW, accounting for 73.7% of the total capacity of N-type.


How to ensure the mass production scale of N-type TOPCon cells has become one of the core indicators of competition in the photovoltaic industry in 2023. Jiang Wenjuan, senior product manager ofJTPV Research and Development Center, delivered a keynote speech at the conference "Progress of N-type TOPCon cell mass production technology with over 25% efficiency", she pointed out thatJTPV took the lead in realizing the large-scale mass production of N-type TOPCon, and the efficiency and yield have reached the industry leader.


At present,JTPV is steadily improving the efficiency of mass production. Mass production adopts the LPCVD SiOx/i-poly+ phosphorus expansion route, and the efficiency can reach more than 25% within three months of production. On the basis of new technology introduction, process optimization, material optimization and silicon chip quality improvement, TOPCon cell has a large efficiency improvement space, and achieves the goal of higher efficiency and faster cost reduction.



2023 is a key year to achieve the goal of dual carbon, and the photovoltaic industry has ushered in huge development opportunities. The rapidly growing industry installed demand requires cell companies to further improve cell production and yield on the basis of leading technology. With its patent advantages, technical research achievements, comprehensive management experience and market channels in the field of cells,JTPV will continue to explore a more effective path for the mass production of N-type cells in the future, and provide more perfect product services and technical support for industry partners.