Warmly celebrate Huaian Jietai Phase I project first line production and phase II project start!

On the morning of April 28, the first line of Huai’an Jietai Project and the commencement ceremony of the second phase of the project was successfully held. Shi Zhijun, Secretary of the CPC Huai’an Municipal Party Committee, Hong Ran, secretary of the CPC Lianshui County Party Committee, and Zhang Manliang, director and general manager of Drinda and president of JTPV attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The ceremony was presided over by Zhu Yongxing, deputy secretary of Lianshui County Party Committee and county governor, Zhou Xiaohui, deputy general manager of JTPV, Huang Falian, Gu Kun, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice mayor, Wang Xianghong, and Liu Aiguo, Secretary-General of the Municipal government attended the ceremony.


Hong Ran said that JTPV efficient solar cell project, under the sincere cooperation and efficient promotion of the two sides, the official signing of 21 days, 51 days to start construction, 151 days to the first line, constantly refreshing the "acceleration" of the construction of Lianshui major projects; Especially when the first phase of the project is put into operation, the second phase of the project is started simultaneously, and the "double happiness" marks the high mutual trust and deep binding of JTPV and Lianshui. We will always adhere to the "strong industrial county" unwavering, tree firm "project is king, the environment is gold" work orientation, to serve and protect the second phase of Jetai New energy project construction "all the way green", continue to set off a new boom in project construction. It is hoped that Jetai New Energy and the contractor will keep an eye on the time node of full completion and production, strengthen confidence, increase investment, seize the construction period, and work with us to create a "new height and new speed" of major project construction. At the same time, we also look forward to Chairman Zhang and Jietai new energy can deeply integrate into the development of Lianshui, expand cooperation areas, harvest more "good news" in the high-frequency "Lian" movement, mutual benefit and win-win, and inject more momentum and provide stronger support for Lianshui to accelerate the construction of the country's top 100 counties!


Zhang Manliang said that Huai’an JTPV from the start of construction to today's first phase of production, a new modern factory so quickly up, marking the world's largest single, the highest degree of intelligence of the N type solar cell manufacturing workshop was born in Lianshui, not only once again refresh the JTPVproject construction speed, but also in the industry has written an unprecedented new record. JTPV is both pleased to enjoy the "Huai’an temperature" and proud to be able to work together to spell out the "Huai’an speed". The first phase of the film won the first battle, and the second phase of construction will also press the fast forward key. In the next time, the enterprise will maintain the speed of racing against time, maintain the state of only grasping the day and night, while grasping the construction, while rushing production capacity, improve efficiency, and go all out to achieve the output value target; We will continue to increase investment in scientific research and innovation, expand technological leadership, and build Huai’an JTPV into an industry benchmark. We firmly believe that in Huai 'an, Lian Shui this piece of investment hot land, with everyone's care and support, we will be able to hand over the "brave and walk in the forefront" of The Times.


Shi Zhijun said that looking back on the cooperation process between the two sides, we got to know each other through mutual trust. It only took 21 days for the two sides to complete the formal signing of the project, setting a new record for the signing of major projects. We have developed in mutual assistance, and achieved 51 days of project construction and 151 days of project production, fully demonstrating the "JTPV speed" and "Huai 'an efficiency"; As the first line of the project is released and the second phase is started, it not only means that JTPV  has taken a more solid step toward the strategic goal of a global solar cell leading enterprise, but also will inject more new vitality into Huai’an to expand the new energy and energy-saving equipment industrial cluster and build the Yangtze River Delta advanced manufacturing integration and development cluster. Facing the future, Huai 'an City Committee and government will continue to deepen the construction of the "four most" business environment, and fully support the development and growth of JTPV; Lianshui County and municipal departments should consciously be a good "shop second", implement the requirements of "doing better than said, and the service should be earlier than the demand", and fully promote the project to reach the full production of the first phase and the early completion of the second phase. It is hoped that while accelerating the construction of the project, JTPV will give full play to its advantages, drive more upstream and downstream enterprises to gather in Huai’an, help us accelerate the breakthrough of 100 billion industrial clusters, and better help enable the high-quality leapfrog development of Huai’an.


At the end of the ceremony, the 9 guests who attended the ceremony lit the big screen together to witness and celebrate the key moment of the milestone of Huai’an Jietai Phase II project.


Before the ceremony, Shi Zhijun and his delegation also observed the workshop of the first phase of the project and unveiled the first line of the product. He said that we felt the hard technology and hard power of JTPV on the spot, and also really felt the new expectations and new confidence of JTPV.


On the morning of the same day, Huai’an Jietai New Energy Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Huai’an Jietai) carried out the unveiling ceremony of the factory monument, Mr. Zhang Manliang, director and general manager of Janda Shares and president of JTPV; Mr. Zhou Xiaohui, deputy general manager of JTPV, Ms. Huang Falian, deputy general manager Wei Zhaowang jointly unveiled the factory monument of "Huai’an Jietai New Energy Technology Co., LTD.", Huai’an Jietai, Chuzhou Jietai, Shangrao company representatives participated in the unveiling ceremony.



2023 is JTPV N type TOPCon efficient solar cell smart factory project is a very critical year, from October 8 last year to the product off the line, just 151 days, we show the excellent "JTPV speed", next we will continue to play the "JTPV spirit", strive to achieve the full completion of Huai’an JTPV production as soon as possible.