Two products of JTPV won the Jiangxi Province Excellent New Product Award

 Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of provincial excellent new products in Jiangxi in 2021, and Shangrao Jietai New Energy Technology Co. "Both new products won the second prize of provincial excellent new products. Both products have reached the domestic leading level.

  Among them, 182mm large size double-sided monocrystalline PERC cell is the main product of the company that sells well in the market. The product integrates advanced alkali etching and polishing technology, step-by-step printing technology, high resistance dense grid technology and the design of multi-layer anti-reflection film structure, which makes the cell efficiency greatly improved. The increase of wafer size further enhances the power of single cell, so the cost reduction will not only amortize the silicon and non-silicon cost in the cell segment, but also transfer to the module and power plant segments along the industry chain, forming an amplification effect and achieving a comprehensive reduction of cost per watt per unit system. Therefore, the product is recognized by the market and well received by customers.