Overseas Sales Manager

Min. education.


Recruiting number.


Experience required.

Work area.

Job responsibilities.

1、Formulate overseas marketing strategy and be responsible for the sales target achievement rate of the responsible area.

2、According to the overseas marketing strategy, prepare the annual business development work plan, responsible for promoting the implementation, make monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual summaries, and adjust and improve in a timely manner with market changes.

3、Continue to develop new customers and maintain the relationship with old customers to ensure healthy performance growth.

4, according to the regional economic macro situation, industry market development trend, customer demand changes, competitor situation and customer feedback, effective market analysis and demand change forecasts, able to input forward-looking information for the company's management decision-making level and product lines, used to flexibly adjust the product strategy and market direction of overseas markets.

5、Cooperate with the company's marketing department to do a good job in the region held exhibitions and other meetings to achieve good promotional effect.

6、Other work assigned by the supervisor.